You have 30 minutes to make it complete the booking, after that it will be automatically canceled. 30 minutes have too pass before you can see the cottage as available on the web if you cancel the booking in the middle of it. If something happens at the end of the payment and you can’t see the house again after 30 minutes, please email us info@gumo.se . We will then take a look and see if we can find your booking and finish it for you. Instead of payment with card you will then receive IBAN, BIC etc. on your email.

There are two options on how to pick up your keys at GuMo: Read carefully and see where you are supposed to pick up your key. At 8:00 on the day of arrival, a text message will be sent to you telling you where to pick up your keys. You can either pick up your key at the GuMo office or in the key box at the cottage. 

If the cottage is empty, you can of course check in earlier. You will find out when you pick up the key or via SMS. Otherwise, check-in time is 16.00. Most cottages have 2 sets of keys. 

If you have booked a cottage privately, you will have received information in the booking confirmation. If you have not received the email check the junk mail. 

Alt 1 Collect key at GuMo in key cabinet or at the office with a 5 digit code. 

You pick up keys at GuMos office, Östra Långstrand 202, 780 68 Transtrand. The key can be collected from 08.00 in the morning. When the office is unmanned, the keys are in the key cabinet and you will need a code for the key cabinet. If you have booked the cottage through GuMo, the code is in the top left corner of the booking. You can find the booking under my pages at www.gumo.se. 

If you have a key delivery through a private rental company, you have received the code by email from GuMo. 

The key cabinet is located on the right/south gable of the GuMo house. Look for your arrival envelope and punch the code followed by # and a door will open and your keys to the cottage will be inside. Double check that the number on the leather folder (e.g. 332) matches the number on your arrival folder (e.g. key group 332) The keys will remain in the locker throughout the booking period until you collect them. The keys will be returned at GuMo. 


Alt.2 Pick up the key at the cottage with a 9-digit code. 

We introduce key boxes at the cottage on an ongoing basis so that you as a guest can pick up a key in a key box at the cottage, if this applies to your particular booking, you have been informed that you can pick up a key at the cottage. 


You can go directly to the cottage and there you will find a key box where you use your 9-digit code. There are 3 keys in the key box. The green one should not be touched as it belongs to the staff. The two black keys are to be used during your stay. Should the cottage be ready before 4pm, you will receive an SMS and a new code that you can use to access the key before 1600. 

The box is opened by first "waking" it by clicking anywhere on the panel so that it lights up. Then you punch in the code and finish by pressing the padlock. If the box does not open, you can try tapping lightly on the front panel between the arrows. If it has been very cold, you may need to blow some hot air into it.

On departure 

On departure, the accommodation must be vacated by 11.00 a.m. unless another time has been agreed, e.g. for cleaning. 

Alt 1 You picked up the key at GuMo 

When you leave the cottage, you press your check-out link that you received on SMS. 

If you wish to stay on the mountain during the day, you can leave the keys later in the evening when you go home, as long as the accommodation is left by 11.00. If you are cleaning yourself, GuMo will do a cleaning check after you between 11-16. You will return the keys to GuMo. There is a pipe underneath 

under the key cabinet where you leave them. 

Alt 2 You pick up the key at the cottage in the key box

When you leave the cottage, hang the keys back in the key box. Then press your check-out link that you received via SMS. When you finish your stay, check that all three keys are in the box and check out via the link, which you will receive on SMS the day before departure. If any key is missing, please contact GuMo immediately.

You find GuMo´s office on the opposite side from Stadium Outlet, 8848 and Intersport before Sälen village. In your arrival envelope you will find directions to the cottage. If you need a map over Sälen with all the addresses, just take a free map in the key room or ask us. You can also find the map in your arrival envelope on www.gumo.se on the house that you booked. Document ”Click here to show map”.
We answer at +46(0)28026350, you can also send us an email at info@gumo.se. The few occasions we turn off the phone, there is always an emergency number that you can call. We appreciate if you only call that number if there is a big problem in the house or if you don’t can collect the key in the key cabinet. We therefore have no regular opening hours at the office, but we usually answer the phone (if you come to voicemail, just leave a message and we will call you back as soon as we can). The Key cabinet is open 24/7.
Do not move in if the cottage is inadequately cleaned. Give us a call +46(0)28026350 and we will solve it together. Often someone can come and clean the house before you move in. We do not accept complaints about cleaning on departure or later in the week. Between 11:00-16:00 GuMo check the cleaning after each guests.
Cleaning of the house is NOT included. You can clean yourself, instructions can be found in the hallway in the cottage, you can also find it here. Do you want to book cleaning after your visit? Contact us at info@gumo.se or give us a call 0046(0)280-26350. If you book cleaning you only throw away the garbage, wash the dishes, empty the fridge and freezer and empty the ash from the stove. You can book cleaning at 08:00, 09:00, 10:00 or 11:00. With reservation that the cleaning times may be fully booked. Cleaning price (2017-2018):
Storlek på stuganPris utan rutavdragPris med rutavdrag
0-35 kvm 1400SEK 830SEK
36-50 kvm 1600SEK 930SEK
51-70 kvm 1800SEK 1030SEK
71-90 kvm 2200SEK 1230SEK
91-120 kvm 2500SEK 1380SEK
121-150 kvm 3000SEK 1630SEK
151-200 kvm 3200SEK 1730SEK
201-250 kvm 3700SEK 1980SEK
251- kvm 4000SEK 2130SEK
Illerstigen 1 * 4000SEK 2130SEK
Hankv 4/Kittelv 5 över * 4400SEK 2330SEK
Hankv 4/Kittelv 5 under * 3300SEK 1780SEK
* More cleaning than usual.
** Only invoice fee of SEK 125 for box deductions because GuMo makes the application to SKV

Major cleaning
Big city 58 SEK/sqm + VAT = 73 SEK incl. VAT incl. window cleaning where a skylift is not needed and you can reach with a normal ladder.

Management of laundry.
handling washing of duvets, mattress covers, pillowcases and pillows 1-5 beds 595 SEK
handling washing of duvets, mattress covers, pillowcases and pillows 6-10 beds 795 SEK
handling washing of duvets, mattress covers, pillowcases and pillows 10- and up beds 995 SEK

Handling washing of curtains 0-119 sq m 595 SEK
Handling washing of curtains 120 square meters and up SEK 995 SEK
Handling washing of carpets 0-119 sq m 250 SEK
Handling washing of carpets 120 square meters and up 500 SEK

Toilet brush 60 SEK + VAT
Washing at big city list to ownerprices incl. VAT.
Pillow 57 SEK
Blanket 100 SEK
Mattress cover 76 SEK
Pillow case / cushion cover 18 SEK
Curtains / lengths 75 SEK
Curtains/coat 75 SEK
Carpet dry cleaning 2m 229 SEK
Pot holders 14 SEK
Dish towel 15 SEK

If the cottage is not booked the period before your arrival, we are flexible and will let you in earlier. How do I know if the cottage is booked before me? If you search on www.gumo.se and search on the week before you are coming to the cottage or possibly the same week if you have booked Thursday to Sunday. If the cottage does not show up as available, the cottage is booked. You will receive an SMS from GuMo when the cottage is ready to check in. Make sure the cottage is clean before you move in, if it is not, contact GuMo directly, any cleaning complaints will not be accepted after moving in the cottage. 

There are currently two alternative ways to pick up the key, please read carefully your new notice from GuMo where to pick up the key as this may change from the date of booking: 

Alt 1. If you have a 5-digit code for your key cabinet, you should pick up the key at the GuMo office. On the day of arrival, the keys are already in your key cabinet from 8:00 in the morning and will remain there until you collect them or the departure date has passed. If you receive a text message that the cottage is ready, you can move into the cottage. Keys are returned to GuMo and you check out via the link you received from GuMo. 

Alt 2. If you have received a 9-digit code, you must collect the key from the cottage in your key box. You wait for a text message from GuMo that the cottage is ready to check in and then you will receive a new code that is valid before 16:00. If you do not receive a text message, you will be admitted at 16:00. The key is returned to the key box and you check out via the link you received from GuMo. 

One set includes, 1 pillow case, 1 duvet cover and 1 single sheet, plus a large towel and a small towel. Most of the time you will find the bedding bags in the cottage on arrival, if you booked it in time. You make your own bed. On departure, put the dirty laundry in the big (black/blue) bag and leave in the hall or bring it down to GuMo´s office. Price 160SEK / “bedding bags” can be booked under my pages, or you can call 0046(0)280263 50 or email info@gumo.se
We rent highchairs that you attach to a regular chair also a black highchair. If you rent a travel cot, you bring your own blanket, pillow and sheet. Most of the time you will find the high chair / bed in the cottage on arrival, if you booked it in time. You fold up the travel cot yourself and on departure you fold it down. Put it in the case and place bed and / or chair in the hall before departure. Highchair 100SEK, cot 200SEK, black highchair 200SEK / booking. For booking, log in to my pages, alternatively email info@gumo.se or call 0046(0)280- 263 50.

Check-out time is 11:00 at the latest, unless an earlier time has been booked for cleaning, in which case that time applies. When you have cleaned the cottage, follow the cleaning instructions which you will find in the hall on the note "Things to consider" or you can find them here. GuMo makes a cleaning check in the cottage after each guest between 11:00 - 16:00 if the cottage is not approved according to the cleaning instructions, you will be charged at least for one weekly cleaning. Close all windows and lock all doors (including the balcony door) and leave the key according to the two different options, carefully read your new notices from GuMo where to leave the key, you leave it where you picked up the key, either in the key box at the cottage or downstairs in GuMos return box. There are two different options:

Alt 1. If you have a 5-digit code for your key box, the key should be returned to GuMo and you will check out via the link you received from GuMo, when you leave the cottage. If you want to stay on the mountain and leave the keys to the cabin later in the day, that is fine, but it is important that you are out of the cabin by 11:00 and that you check out via the link you received from GuMo. 

Alt 2. If you have received a 9-digit code, you must leave the key in the key box and check out via the link you received from GuMo.

Alt. 1 If you have picked up the key at the cottage, you leave the key in the key box at the cottage by 11:00 and check out via the link you received from GuMo.

Alt. 2 If you have picked up the key at GuMos office, you can use the mountain on the day of departure and return the key to the office when you pass GuMo. The important thing is that the cottage is cleaned and that you are out of the cottage by 11:00 at the latest.

Alternative 1. If you pick up a key at GuMo with a 5-digit code, we have 2 sets of keys/booking for most cottages. Unfortunately there are some cottages where we only have one key and you have to hide it at the cottage. Alternative. 2 If you pick up a key at the cottage in the key box, there are two keys with black badges in the key box, you use the code which is valid for the whole week. Then all people in the cottage can access the key with the code.
No you don't have to wait for the cleaning check, it's important that you check out via the link you received from GuMo. GuMo does a cleaning check when the cottage is empty, check out is no later than 11:00 in all cottages, if you have not booked an earlier cleaning time, then it applies. You have either cleaned the cottage yourself according to the instructions, which you can also find here, or ordered cleaning. If the cottage is not properly cleaned at the time of the cleaning check, we will charge you for at least one weekly cleaning.
Have you lost any key during your vacation, please let us know. A lost key is charged with at least 500SEK. We have a system where we log out the keys to each guest. Using the codes, we can see when we don’t get the right number of keys back. In our key boxes located at the cottages, the cleaning staff checks after each guest that all keys are in the cupboard, if any are missing report it to GuMo.
I have booked a cottage and it says the payment should be “now” or within the very next days. We know it takes a few days for us to see the payments. Make the payment and please email us a screenshot or picture on the payment so we can log out your keys.
Bring toilet paper, kitchen towels, bags, foil, hand and machine dishwashers, soap, detergent (for cleaning the cottage). It is okay to use what you find in the cottage but if you take the last one, please buy a new and leave it. It may also be good to bring a dish towel, dish brush, dishcloth to the cottage. If there is no freezer in the house, it may be good to have a fridge “bag” outside.
When you rent a cottage from GuMo you will receive a discount voucher that only applies to ICA in Sälen village. If you shop for 500SEK you get 100SEK in discount and also a welcome gift, a 1.5L soda of your choice and OLW potato chips of 170-300g. ICA also has a nice delicatessen counter.
As a GuMo guest you have a 10% discount on the ski rental prices from Dalskidan in Sälen village. Their store is located close to GuMo’s office. Book on their website http://www.dalskidan.se or show your booking at the checkout, you then get 10% discount on the ski rental prices.

If you have a key box at the cottage, leave the key in the key box at the cottage with your 9 digit code. 

But for those of you who have picked up the key at the GuMo office, the following applies: during the Vasaloppet weeks the road is closed at the GuMo office, this applies to two Sunday mornings. We will set up a temporary mailbox on the west side of the Dalälven where you can leave your keys. Special information, map etc. will be in your arrival email, for those of you who have a current booking on these occasions. The mail will arrive a day or so before arrival and information will also be available at the GuMo office when you collect your keys.

We can help you. We take 563SEK / hour + mile compensation. If we have to send it to you we charge you for the stamps needed. Sometimes we can take it in connection with something else and split the bill (not stamps). It depends if it is urgent and in which cottage. Click HERE for more info.

Here you can charge your electric car during your stay in Sälen. Click here to see a map

It is not allowed to charge electric cars at the cottages, unless there is a proper electric car charger set up.