Regulations & General rules

The guest is responsible for their travel companions and that the regulations and general rules are followed.

  • It is not allowed to stay more in the house or on the property, other than that stated on booking.
  • The cottage may not be used for anything other than leisure purposes.
  • Pets are not allowed in the house without the house owner’s permission.
  • If a reservation is not paid on time the booking confirmation is canceled immediately.
  • The reservation is binding. If cancellation occurs more than 60 days before the arrival date, the guest will not pay more than the booking fee of 1000 SEK. If cancellation is made later than the specified date the guest will be charged with the full rental amount. If the cottage can be re-let the guest will be refunded the equivalent amount, minus the booking fee. If cancellation insurance is included in the agreement and the guest canceled before the specified date due to illness that affects the guest or someone in guests group. The guest will be refunded the full amount minus the cancellation insurance cost. This requires a certificate from a registered doctor.
  • The guest has access to the house from 16.00 the day of arrival and leaves it at, the latest, 11:00 the day of departure, unless otherwise agreed.
  • The guest must keep with bedlinen, towels, toilet paper, washing and cleaning products
  • The guest should take care of the house. For example, one must not go indoors with ski boots
  • The guest should take care of the house and follow the instructions that apply.If this is not followed, the cleaning will be carried out on the guest's expense with a minimum 1500 SEK. Smoke decontamination is charged a minimum of 6000 SEK.
  • The guest must have a valid home insurance.
  • The guest is responsible for any damage that occurs on / in the property by the guest or the due to recklessness. The guest is liable for damages arising.
  • No disturbing sounds/noises between the hours 23:00 to 7:00. Respect your neighbors.
  • Electric cars are prohibited to charge in standard wall or motor heater putlets. Wall and engine heater outlets are not designed to load cars and cannot withstand high loads. Source: Elsäkerhetsverket
  • The Agreement will terminate with immediate effect if:
    • You or someone in your party causes damage to the house / area
    • If the accommodation is not used for its intended purpose
    • You or someone in your party cause a disturbance in the house / area
      If the Agreement is terminated due to above cases, GuMo Stug & Fjällservice AB have right to evict the guest immediate and the guest has no right to recover any part of the rent. At the eviction / tenant eviction the guest will be charged with a minimum of 5000 SEK for extraordinary expenses. Payment is made in connection with the departure. We reserve the right, in case of immediate termination of the agreement, to close the housing and remove the guest's belongings. We are not responsible for any forgotten things. If the guest calls and asks us retrieve forgotten items we charge the guest any expenses that may occur. (travel, time, and postage)
  • Lost keys will be charged with a minimum of 2000 SEK
  • Proper cleaning should be performed prior to departure. If the guest fails to cleaning this will be executed on the guest's expense.
  • On some weeks GuMo will deposit a minimum of 1000 SEK for cleaning and the keys will be charged. The guest will get the deposit back on departure after:
    • order rules have been complied
    • all keys are returned
    • the cleaning has been approved
    • the deposit receipt is returned
  • General local regulations for Malung-Sälen Municipality applies.

Upon arrival: If the accommodation is unclean please contact Gumo immediately, do not clean yourselves! If anything is missing or damaged when you arrive, please Gumo during office hours if it is not urgent.
During the stay: Follow the rules and regulations and take care of the house
Upon departure: Clean the cottage by the checklist and leave the keys to GuMo. You can return the keys when you go home in the afternoon or later in the evening.


Our cooperation with you is importandt and we take your integrity seriously. We comply with the statutory privacy protection that became effective May 25, 2018.

In our system we save: name, adres, phonenumber, email, social security no and account no for return patment. We can also save info to close familymembers.

Info about booking and invoices can be found in our booking system.

GuMo in Sälen stuguthyrning AB processes your info for the following purposes:

  • Contact details so that we can reach you by email, phone or home address.
  • Payment for invoicing and payment.
  • To provide services that in some cades go through subsontractors, but are billed to the guest directly theough GuMo. Such as departure cleaning.

By booking a cottage/apartment through GuMo you agree that we will save your information.