Terms and conditions

Prices in the original currency (SEK) apply. Any deviation from the following terms and conditions is valid only if both parties have signed a special agreement governing such matters.

Cancellation with cancellation protection, without a doctor's certificate

If cancellation takes place earlier than 60 days before the date of entry, the final payment will be refunded. Advances and cancellation protection are never refunded.


The following general terms and conditions apply to GuMo and parties who enter into an agreement (reservation of lodging) with GuMo according to what is stated in the booking confirmation. The conditions apply in all cases unless Swedish or other relevant law does not conflict with the conditions. For private consumers, the Swedish Consumer protection Act and Distance Purchase Act regulate agreements between GuMo and the consumer. More information is available on the website of the Swedish Consumer National Board of Consumer Complaints, www.kov.se.

Booking and Payment

VAT is included in all prices. Once the guest has booked the cottage via GuMo's website, the booking fee will be deducted 1 000 SEK and any cancellation insurance, from the customer's account at the time of booking. If you book with less than 10 days until arrival, the full amount will be deducted directly from your debit card. GuMo uses Klarna. When selling via account/credit card, the terms and conditions will take effect as soon as the card transaction approved. There is no additional charge for card payments.

If you book by email or telephone, you will pay the booking fee and any cancellation insurance within 3 days to IBAN nr: SE 8000 0816 6193 4923 1846, Swiftcode: SWEDSESS. Or by card on www.gumo.se/minasidor/login.asp You will see a small gearwheel, press on it and follow the instructions to make your payment by card.

Final payment at the cottage is made  60 days before the day of entry to the same IBAN/Swifscode/Cardpayment. If it´s less than 60 days to arrival, the guest pays in his final payment to the same IBAN/Swifscode/Cardpayment. even if: booking has been made on the website. GuMo has the right to cancel the cottage when the guest does not pay on time. To avoid fees, you can pay by card under my pages at www.gumo.se

In case of late payment, interest on late payment will be charged at 12% per month from the due date. GuMo reserves for any price changes, incorrect prices and final sale. Where the like is obvious incorrectly, this may force GuMo to cancel the purchase and refund any amount paid in the best way. This can be done at any time during the course of the transaction when inaccuracy is detected. The cause of the error must be clearly to the customer in connection with the cancellation of the purchase.

Home insurance

The guest must have a valid home insurance.

Age limit

GuMo applies a 23-year age limit without adult (parent) company for booking cabins. Everyone who lives in the cottage without an adult (parent) must be at least 23 years old and identify themselves when they collect the keys, if it turns out that someone is under 23 years old, GuMo has the right to evict the guests without paying back money for the booking. If the booking is made in another person's name without their consent, or in another way that causes GuMo to suffer financial damage, a police report will be made.


GuMo disclaims printing errors, errors in information, and errors in specification, on all of GuMo's range products and services. All image information should be seen as illustrations and cannot be the exact appearance and nature of the product.

Cancellation with cancellation insurance

Refund of booking with purchase cancellation insurance can only be made with the applicable medical certificate from a certified Doctor. The guest will receive the full amount of the rental except for the cancellation insurance.

Cancellation without cancellation insurance

The booking is binding, if cancellation is made earlier than 60 days before arrival, you will not be refunded the amount paid in advance. Full amount of the rental will be charged if you make a cancellation later then 60days before arrival. The cancellation insurance will never be refunded. 

Pandemi -Such as Covid-19

 • If the Public Health Authorities issue a travel ban or the lifts are closed due to the pandemic, the following applies.

  1. The guest has the right to rebook the same cabin for next year, as long as the owner has released the cabin the following year, GuMo can rebook it to the guest free of charge. If the owner has not released the week next year, GuMo can rebook to another vacant cabin. If the guest chooses a more expensive cottage, the guest must pay the difference, however, no refund is made to the guest if they choose a cheaper week / cottage. The money will be transferred to the new booking. Cancellation protection, is not possible to add afterwards.
  2. If the guest has not purchased cancellation protection: If there is a travel ban or the lifts are closed and the guest wants to cancel the cottage, the guest then gets refunded the rental amount -1,000SEK for a cancellation fee, (if the guest chooses to rebook the cottage, the guest does not lose any money).
  3. If the guest has purchased cancellation protection: If there is a travel ban or the lifts are closed and the guest wants to cancel the cottage, the guest then gets refunded the rental amount -500SEK for a cancellation fee. The cancellation protection is never refunded (if the guest chooses to rebook the cottage, the guest does not lose any money).
  4. If the guest has purchased cancellation protection and is ill, and can vertify it with a medical certificate, then the guest has the right to get back all of the money except the fee for cancellation protection.


Bookings are leagally binding and cancellation can only be made if Cancellation insurance has been purchased, and only in case of illness or serious injury. The guest must show a relevant medical certificate from a registered doctor. The total amount paid will then be refunded, except the amount paid for cancellation insurance.

Force Majeure

Events such as war, natural disasters, strikes, government decisions, and other events that cause an increase in prices, and similar events outside GuMos control, (that Gumo could not reasonably have anticipated), shall be regarded as force majeure, thereby giving GuMo the right to withdraw from the agreement.


GuMo reserves the right to amend any information, including, but not limited to prices, technical specifications and product offerings without prior notice. If the lodging specified in the booking confirmation is sold out, or if a lodging is no longer available, GuMo reserves the right to cancel the purchase and refund any amount paid in the best possible manner. GuMo must inform the customer if equivalent replacement products are available.