Book a snowmobile-cabin!

Bild på skoter

Book a “Snowmobile cottage”and enjoy the possibility to rent a snowmobile to be delivered directly to your GuMo cottage!

(You can also book snowmobiles at the snowmobile rental centre in Tandådalen)

The snowmobiles recommended for families are Touring machines; Polaris 500 and 550.

They are easy to manoeuvre and offers a comfortable ride for two persons, either two adults or one adult and one child. (max.200 kg in total)

  • If the passenger is a child he or she should be seated behind the adult.
  • The child should be tall enough to be able to reach the handles, i.e. approximately 120-125 cm tall, and be at least 8 years old.
  • There are 2 sleds for towing available if someone in the party doesn’t want to or is unable to drive a snowmobile. The sleds are suitable for two persons, one adult and one child or 2 children. For questions or booking contact Urban at Skoterevent on mob. +46 703-37 23 70.
  • If two children are travelling in the sled together they should be at least 7 years or older.

Price Touring snowmobile:
3 day package mon-wed — 4.500 SEK (For other requests please contact Urban at Skoterevent, mob. +46 703-37 23 70. Quote GuMo as a booking reference).

If you have experience in snowmobile riding and enjoy speed, our Racing models Polaris 600 Rmk, 600 Switchback and 600 Widetrack, may suit you.They offer more horsepower and are the purebreds of snowmobiles. They are suitable for one person.

Price Racing snowmobile:
3 day package mon-wed — 6.000 SEK (For other requests please contact Urban at Skoterevent, mob. +46 703-37 23 70. Quote GuMo as a booking reference).


  • Helmets and goggles are available without charge, but remember to bring your own warm clothes, mittens/gloves and winter shoes.
  • The children can use their own ski helmets and goggles.
Overall 200 SEK per day. Boots 200 SEK per day. Sled (for towing) 400 SEK per day.

Who can drive a snowmobile?

  • To be able to drive a snowmobile an international licence or a Swedish A or B licence issued before 2000 or a valid snowmobile licence is required.
  • An EU scooter/moped licence is not valid.
  • Do not consume alcohol before driving!

Rules and conditions

Listen to the local weather report. Always use a helmet (this applies to passengers as well). Be prepared for the cold, as well as the windshield factor. Dress and equip for a long trip even if you’re only planning a short trip, you can get surprised by bad weather. Never ride alone and don’t solely rely on modern technology such as GPS and mobile phones. We recommend that you bring a compass. Do not ride in unfamiliar areas unless you are sure the tracks are negotiable, and do not ride on thin or unsafe ice.

Excess liability is as follows:

  • 10 000 SEK for Polaris 500 and 550.
  • 12 500 SEK for Polaris 600.

Is there enough snow?

Visit the Sälen Snowmobile club for up to date reports on the conditions of the tracks ( A refund of the charge is made if the rental is cancelled due to lack of snow.