Let your cottage through us

About us

GuMo was founded in 1980 by Gunnar Moberg, who saw the opportunity to provide cottages through his own business. In 1994 he handed over the company to Yvonne and Lasse Aronson and since 2009 their daughter Kicki Aronson has been running GuMo together with her employees.

Stay in your cottage whenever you want

As a cottage owner with us, you have the privilege of choosing how many weeks you want to stay in your cottage/apartment. We have no requirement for a certain number of weeks rented during the season. With a smooth and usable web for you as a cottage owner can put the cottage/apartment aside for yourself at any time or post it for guests to rent, all year round.

This is how it works

Prior to renting

  • Photography and inspection of the cottage/apartment is carried out when it is vacant, i.e. when the cottage is emptied of personal belongings such as clothes, made-up beds, towels etc. It must not be present during the photograph. We borrow a key from you for this purpose and you do not have to think about to be on site during the time.
  • We price the cottage/apartment and then send you pictures, price proposals, rental contracts and other important information, including how to use our owner's website.
  • You accept the price offer and the rental contract and send 5 keys.
  • GuMo mounts a key box on your house with two screws and a GuMo sign.
  • After we have received the keys, you can now choose which weeks you want to rent out and which exchange day you want (Saturday or Sunday). We recommend always having the same exchange day.
  • The cottage is posted directly on our website and is now available to book for our guests
  • Before arrival we perform an arrival round, which means that we make sure to raise the heat and shovel the stairs.

Under rent

  • GuMo hands out keys to the guest which are collected at GuMo's office or in the key box at the cottage.
  • The guest reports any shortcomings on arrival (poorly cleaned, etc.)
  • In case of any defects or damages, the guest notifies us and we pass it on to you. You decide whether you want to repair the fault yourself or whether you want help with this.

After rent

  • GuMo carries out cleaning checks after departure. Cleaning with RUT deduction can also be purchased by guest.
  • After departure, a survey will be sent to the guest to fill in and you can find out on the owner's website guest's experience in your cottage/apartment.

Commission, remuneration and payment

GuMo takes a 25% commission and charges a profit margin tax and you as a holiday home owner receive in compensation 72.4% of the price paid by the guest for the booked period, On our owner website you can quickly and easily see what the price the guest pays and the compensation you receive for each booking. When booking e.g. Sun-Thurs pays the guest pays 60% of the weekly price and when booking e.g. Thurs-Sun the guest pays 80% of the weekly price. The reimbursement to you is always paid by the 7th of the month after departure. Full details of in our rental agreement.



Gästen betalar GuMo’s provision PMT 2,60% To you
10 000 SEK 2 500 SEK 260 SEK 7240 SEK


Not only mediation

In addition to brokering your cottage, we also offer other services. You can read more about these in "Annex 5 
- Our services".

What happens now?

If you feel that you would like to move forward with GuMo as your holiday provider, please feel free to contact us at info@gumo.se or at 0280-26350. We will arrange when we can borrow a key to photograph the cottage. We will then send you all the information you need to start working with us rental.

We look forward to hearing from you and hope you want to be a part of GuMo!

Kicki with staff