A winter photo from Sälen


Welcome to GuMo Cottage rental and services in Sälen

Let your cottage through us

We let your cottage out and handle marketing and all the contact with the guest. 
With our web-based system, you can smoothly and easily choose which weeks you can let it out, all year round.
You can also pick which weeks you want to be in your cottage.
The service includes photography of the cottage, as well as key delivery and a cleaning service, to guests who have booked through GuMo.

Cottage Supervision.

The service includes us checking your property once a month. We inspect both the inside as well as the interior to ensure everything is in order.
The service also includes you being able to contact us minimum three days before you intend to arrive to your house.
We prepare the house for your arrival by for example turning on the heating, fridge and water heater, so that your arrival will be pleasant and hassle free.
Should any problems arise we also find you the right tradesmen. The supervision service costs from 3 200 SEK per year (including VAT). 
Contact us for more information.

Key handling / delivery

If you only want help with handing out keys to your own guests, friends or tradesmen, you can book a key delivery on these occasions on our owner's website.
You fill in the arrival/departure and guest details. We will then send directions and a key safe code to the guest via text message.
Upon departure, the key is returned to us. The service costs SEK 120 incl. VAT if you book on the owner's website and SEK 220 incl. VAT if you contact GuMo for assistance.
It is also possible to rent a key box that is connected to GuMo's system and gives the guest a code so they can pick up the key directly at the cottage.

Key box

Gumo has together with the system supplier Entera come up with a solution so the guests can pick up their key outside the cottage in a key box.
The guest doesn’t have to go to GuMo. This means we will attach a key box on your façade or lining, the most fitting.
It will be attached with two screws, this will make it easier for both the guest, craftsmen and GuMo. Aswell as the owner,
contact gumo for more information

Key storage

If you lose, forget or need to give your key to someone in an emergency situation it could be good if we have a key. We store your key and you can whenever come get the key.
This service costs 315 SEK per year (Inkl. moms). The key delivery itself is invoiced separately, see Key handling / delivery.

Departure cleaning and major cleaning

We offer cleaning check, departure cleaning and major cleaning to cottages for which we have keys.
Book departure cleaning or cleaning check after your or your guests' departure.
Prices for regular cleaning vary; contact GuMo for the price of your cottage.
Major cleaning including window cleaning costs 78 SEK/kvm.
For washing of covers, pillows and other textiles in connection with a major cleaning, there is an additional charge of handling the laundry and the cost of washing the pillow and covers

Snow shovelling

We shovel with a snow blower from your parking lot to the front door.
Contact us for more information and prices on this service.