Rent a Hot tub

If you rent a “Hot-tub-cottage” you can have a Hot-tub delivered to your GuMo cottage for one evening or longer.

A truly wonderful experience, especially glorious when the weather is cold, and there is plenty of snow to cool you when the temperature in the tub rises. We hope the evening will offer starry skies in the company of friends!


  • GuMo will deliver the Hot-tub to the cabin in the late morning and fill it with water. Provided you have booked a cabin with “hot tub possibility” (not all cabins come with this option due to water restrictions).
  • GuMo ensures the water is heated (you can decide on an approximate time of use). We also supply some additional firewood if a boost should be required.
  • You relax and enjoy yourselves in the Hot tub with your caps on!
  • Remember to drink plenty of water if you’re spending a long time in the tub, or you can easily become dehydrated.
  • If you’re drinking from glass bottles or glasses, take care not to drop them as you can suffer cuts on your feet.
  • The Hot tub seats 8 persons.
  • We pick up the Hot tub the next morning.

Price: SEK 2.500 per night

Rules and Conditions

  • Do not drain the tub of water, GuMo will do this.
  • Do not fire the wood burner if there is not enough water in the tub to cover the unit
  • Min age for Hot tub rental is 18 years of age.
  • If trash or other items are left in the tub, there will be an additional charge covering the cost of extra cleaning
  • If the hot tub is has been damaged or ruined when we come to pick it up you are liable for all costs in relation to its replacement or repair
  • The rental agreement is cancelled immediately if:
    • You or someone in your party causes damage to the cottage or on the premises.
    • The hot tub is used for other purposes than the intended.
    • You or someone in your party cause a disturbance in the cottage or on the premises.
  • We ask you to respect your neighbours and observe the quiet hours between 11 pm- 7 am.